we’ve been throwing rocks at cats for years, dennis.

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Bergman Island (2004)

I had a book of Bible stories when I was a kid. There was a picture I’d look at twenty times every day: Jacob wrestles with the angel. I don’t really remember the story, or why the wrestling —just the picture. Jacob is young and very strong. The angel is…a beautiful man, with golden hair and wings, of course. I still dream about it. Many nights. I’m…It’s me. In that struggle. Fierce, and unfair. The angel is not human, and it holds nothing back, so how could anyone human win, what kind of a fight is that? It’s not just. Losing means your soul thrown down in the dust, your heart torn out from God’s. But you can’t not lose.

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STANLEY KUBRICK & the color blue

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And once the pain goes away, that’s when the real battle starts. Depression, boredom… You feel so fucking low, you want to fucking top yourself.

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“This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I’m gonna give it to them.”

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Rudeness is merely an expression of fear. People fear they won’t get what they want. The most dreadful and unattractive person only needs to be loved, and they will open up like a flower.

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Beautiful Us: Illustrations by Aitch

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“… And that wherever they might be they always remember that the past was a lie, that memory has no return, that every spring gone by could never be recovered, and that the wildest and most tenacious love was an ephemeral truth in the end.”

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Title: Strong
Artist: London Grammar
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London Grammar - Strong

I’m a screw up. And I plan to be a screw up until my late twenties, maybe even my early thirties.

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Listen, you fuckers, you screwheads. Here is a man who would not take it anymore. A man who stood up against the scum, the cunts, the dogs, the filth, the shit. Here is a man who stood up.

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Rushmore (1998)

The truth is, neither of us have the slightest idea where this relationship is going. We can’t predict the future. 

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